And we begin…

This blog is for anyone who appreciates the diverse world of brands, branding and brand strategy. Rooted in a fluid mix of art and science, passion and function, brand strategy is a topic that is often misunderstood, and those who discuss it at length seem to have many different definitions of what exactly a brand entails. The irony of that isn’t lost on me.

I am coming at this with over two decades of experience in business. I’ll share my insights into the ways famous (or not-so-famous) brands tell their story—the ways that I find unexpected and interesting—and I’ll share my philosophies for why it works. I will challenge some conventional wisdom, expose silly expectations, and call-out those who try to over-think the brand.

Most of all, I am going to have fun. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I would love to hear what you have to say.

What do you think?

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