The topic of Branding is popular with a number of different audiences, from students to C-suite executives. Branding presentations are one of the best attended and most appreciated because of their ability to inspire, educate and entertain audiences at all levels.

I enjoy leading workshops, speaking to groups, or participating in panel discussions. I work hard to ensure the topics we address are relevant and interesting, and the theory and wisdom are rooted in proven practice. As a result, business groups and organizations are inviting me to speak in an effort to bring clarity, understanding and even some inspiration to the many different aspects underlying brands and brand strategy.

I’ve been a regular speaker at the Vancouver Board of Trade, BCIT and UBC, as well as invited to speak to other business groups and conferences, such as the BCAMA and BCHRMA. My deep understanding, adaptable instincts and enthusiastic manner earn me top marks from organizers and audiences alike.

I would love to speak with your group. Just ask.


I’ve developed unique presentations and workshops that give people the knowledge to move forward with confidence, and the practical tools to help them get there.

The Essential Brand Strategy
The five stages of building engaging brand experiences
(Learn more about this presentation)

Living the Dream
Articulating vision, mission and values that matter
(Learn more about this presentation)

The Company You Keep
Harnessing the value of unique individuals while building a world class brand
(Learn more about this presentation)

Beyond “May I Help You”
Customer service as brand strategy
(Learn more about this presentation)

2 responses to “Speaking

  1. Hi Stephen- i’ve loved reading a great deal of your content. Do you have any upcoming speaking engagements in the US?

    • Stephen Abbott

      Hi Karen — Sorry, no speaking dates planned soon. I will let you know if any come up. Thanks for reading and the kind words. Feel free to comment on any posts; sometimes the best stuff comes from the dialogue and debate on the topic.

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