I am a Brand Strategist, and this is my blog.

I help organizations tell their story, which means I lead efforts creating, evolving or changing their brand. To do this I focus on the four critical functions of brand strategy; culture, communications, experience, and operations. My role is to bridge the operational strategy with the creative opportunity, bringing an authentic and compelling story to life throughout the organization. I get to do really interesting work, and I have a lot of fun.

Over two decades of working in or working on businesses and organizations—the past twelve dedicated to brand strategy—I sometimes feel I’ve seen it all. Fortunately, I still get inspired by the people I get work with. Visionary leaders, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, dedicated mom & pops, and standout employees; exciting people who reinforce my faith in excellence while trying to make the world a little bit better.

I am always involved in ‘change’—start-up, growth, new products or new management—and effectively managing people through the inevitable excitement and uncertainty that change brings. We work hard, and it can get uncomfortable sometimes, but we get through it. I rely on an approachable, refreshingly straightforward style that is appreciated by everyone. Well, almost everyone.

I have worked on well over 100 brands in my career—from grass roots organizations to Royal charities—experiencing a variety of industries and organizational styles first-hand. This exposure has given me a healthy perspective on what is known as the soft side of business; capturing the excitement of visionary leadership while remaining grounded in realistic goals and being accountable to bottom line success. I am as comfortable in front of an international board of directors as I am working from strategy notes written on the back of a napkin.

In the development of brand and communication strategies, the scope of my experience includes: research, strategy development, creative concepts, implementation, leadership and team development, sustainability, design, social media and speaking.

And when I’m not working on branding projects, I am a paramedic. I work on an ambulance helping people who are hurt, sick or dying (or just think they are). I have never been required to do both at the same time, but there’s always a chance.

What do you think?

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