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3 responses to “Contact

  1. In my opinion you should provide the alternative of a Contact form. I prefer that to sending an email, just knowing how lost emails to me get. Pleasure seeing you at #CustServ tonight. Apparently I connected to you there a long time ago and noticed currently a one way connect so I wanted to let you know as often people follow me from lists and don’t notice broken connections.

    • Stephen Abbott

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve added the form; good idea.

      #CustServ Twitter chat is a good one. I don’t often get the chance to participate, but when I do I always learn something.

  2. Hi,

    Hope you are well. I am reaching to provide you a high quality (FREE of cost) guest post article for your website. I’ll send you some amazing topic ideas that may interest your readers.

    Once you choose any of the topics, I’ll then send an article on that topic. I would just need you to provide me a backlink within the article.

    Please let me know if I shall send topics?

    Looking forward to your response.


    Jessica Stone

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