Beyond “May I Help You?”

Creating a customer service strategy to deliver an engaging brand experience
Part of the Brand Excellence series.

There is no debate on the importance of good customer service.  In today’s highly competitive and hyper-connected world, we know that how an organization treats people holds the greatest impact on the perception of the brand. Positive experiences are powerful and valuable.

Customer service—how we engage people in our organization—has been such an integral part of business for so long, companies tend to overlook its strategic importance. Typical customer service training focuses on three elements; the up-sell (tactics to get existing customers to spend more); conflict resolution (personal skills for resolving bad experiences); or loyalty programs and the impact on the bottom line (repeat customers are gold). While many companies outwardly claim good customer service should be expected, few organizations address the service experience from a strategic point of view.

Beyond “May I Help You?” is a proactive approach to creating a customer experience that elevates the brand. We explore the different opportunities to create compelling experiences, and outline how to create a customer service strategy to ensure your front line employees have the tools, the training and the commitment to deliver.

In this presentation and supporting workshop, we cover the foundation of a branded customer service strategy.

  • Understanding your customer’s experience from their point of view
  • Embedding your brand in the experience
  • Hiring and retaining the best possible people to deliver exceptional service
  • Creating tools and techniques to deliver consistently, across multiple touch points.

Strategic customer service is about more than creating a memorable moment. It’s about understanding how to engage customers and creating service experiences that leverage the culture of the organization, make deep connections and earn loyalty.

Anyone responsible for delivering customer service standards, or responsible for training those who do, will benefit from this presentation. (And let’s be honest; that includes pretty much everyone.).

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