Living the Dream

Articulating Vision, Mission and Values that matter.
Part of the Brand Excellence Series

Strong Vision, Mission and Values anchor every successful brand. Clear, concise and engaging statements have the power to inspire people while providing the framework for behaviour and activity that will drive the success of an organization. Weak or irrelevant statements, statements that sound so contrived that they aren’t believed, or statements that seem to fall right out of a textbook will likely hurt an organization as much as help.

Articulating a Vision statement, a Mission statement and Values statements is an exercise in sharing the passion and conviction that first inspired the organization so that it can grow and thrive, without compromising its promise to all stakeholders.

The reason we work so hard to capture our ideas in statements is to make sure we can share them consistently, with anyone. The reason we work so hard to create simple and compelling statements is to make sure everyone—from our leaders to the front line—share the same passion.

Living the Dream is a presentation and workshop designed to get people thinking clearly and honestly about the true passions of the organization. In this presentation, we:

  • Define the roles of Vision, Mission, and Values statements and how they work together to focus an organization
  • Understand how to define the message before articulating the statement
  • Learn how to build upon the statements to create a series of core messages that support the brand

When the vision is vivid, when the mission is clear, and when the values are authentic and important, you have a foundation for success. Everyone involved is connected to the same purpose, and leaders—no longer compelled to just manage behaviour—are able to trust their teams to deliver the brand experience.

Inspired and courageous clarity will have amazing results for your organization.

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