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Twitterchat, Exploring ROWE Leadership

On Friday, Nov 9th at 12 EST/9 PST I am co-hosting #kaizenbiz, a popular twitterchat community talking about businesses and organizations that embrace continuous and incremental improving. This week, our discussion focuses on the ROWE theory of management; Results Only Work Environment.

ROWE shattered the traditional expectations of some work environments—the place and style of work—and productivity, and the results have shown both success and failure. Is ROWE a viable management theory, or simply a passing fad? Please join us in the 1 hour discussion, and share your thoughts.

I am not an expert on the subject—more of a passionate advocate and self-imposed practitioner. From my framing post, Exploring the Value of ROWE Based Leadership, I summarize it like this:

[ROWE] is as much as reflection of your organization’s culture and processes as it is about value and competence. Are you truly giving each member of your team the best possible opportunities to deliver great work in the pursuit of shared goals, or does a shared environment override individual preferences in the pursuit of team goals? How does ‘workplace’ inspire and pull excellence from your team?

Following the chat I will update this post with what I learn. I hope you will share in the conversation.